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DasCoin is the next step in the evolution of money. By combining the best features of existing money with the benefits of emerging digital currencies, DasCoin has created a hybrid designed to be the world's first mainstream digital currency.

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Building the world's most secure

Digital Currency


DasCoin Blockchain

The DasCoin Blockchain is a mutual distributed ledger that creates and distributes cryptographic assets, and then securely facilitates their storage and exchange. The DasCoin Blockchain forms the nucleus of a digital asset system known as the DasEcosystem, which has been structured to deliver a set of value exchange solutions that offer enhanced security, greater utility, increased scalability, wider acceptance, improved efficiency, and better performance.

DasExchange (DasX)

The DasCoin Blockchain also incorporates a decentralized exchange that trades, settles, and clears over the Blockchain autonomously. This way, licensed users do not have to choose to transfer their currency to custodial accounts in centralized exchanges in order to conduct some forms of trade. For example, WebEuros are also cryptographic assets in a similar form as DasCoins and therefore, without withdrawing from your wallet, the holder is able to trade DasCoins for Euro denominations directly on the blockchain.
Because of this, the levels of theft from third-parties is greatly reduced and the friction for trade and conversion into national fiat currencies is simple and direct. Using a Wire Out feature, a licensed user of the DasCoin Blockchain can withdraw Euros directly to their bank account from their WebWallet account.


Web Wallet

DasCoin introduced a cryptographic web-based wallet (WebWallet), a secure way for users to access relevant data on the DasCoin Blockchain, and interact with the global state by way of signing transactions.

The WebWallet is also user's point of entry into the secure Dascoin Network. Users authenticated through WebWallet can access their relevant data from the global blockchain state – balances from vaults, license purchases, history of transactions etc.

The Validator

DasCoin is the first company to introduce a hardware device called the Validator, which allows users to access and manage their funds via a WebWallet account. Every WebWallet user requires The Validator to ensure the network upholds the highest standard of security, allowing users to enjoy total peace of mind. The Validator connects to any computer via USB and has an embedded OLED display to confirm each transaction with a single tap of its side buttons.

Our Team



Michael Mathias

Co-Founder & CEO DasCoin


Terry O'Hearn

Co-Founder & Executive
Director DasFinancial


John Pretto

Co-Founder & Director CL


George Sarcevich

Co-Founder of DasCoin and Director of WebWallet



Blair Baker

Director DasPayment


Lim Soon Hock

Director & Board Member


Eberhard Wedekind

Co-Founder & Director


Anna Hejka

Director & Board Member


Augustine Ha Ton Vinh

Director & Board Member


K.C. See

Director of Education


Tho Yow Yin

Chief Compliance Officer



Brian Semkiw

CEO Carta WorldWide


Dan Hulse

CSO St. Luke's


Neil Henderson

CEO St. Luke's

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